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Germantown Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Installing Skylights

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When a homeowner is looking to increase the value of their home, one way to do so is by upgrading the roof. This may include not only having a new material installed but also changing certain attributes of the roof. One such project that Germantown roofing experts can do is install skylights. These are a window that allows sunlight into a home through the roof. While installing this type of window is not possible in all homes, roofing contractors should be able to let homeowners know whether their house meets the requirements.

The best time to have skylights installed is when the roofs are already being replaced. This is because the roofer will need to pull up the existing roof to install the skylight. Homeowners do have a few options when it comes to having these roof windows installed. If the roof is low enough, the windows can be opened and closed like normal windows. If the homeowner has a high ceiling, the windows can have electric motors put in, and residents can operate them via remote control. Remote windows can be powered using the home's electricity or solar energy.

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Homeowners sometimes prefer solar energy because the windows are located on the roof and have direct access to the sun's rays.

Besides adding value to a home, skylights also allow natural light to pour into the house. This often cuts down on energy costs as homeowners don't have to use as many lights. Also, homes that are located in areas that don't have a lot of light pollution can offer great views of the night sky. Skylights can become the focal point of a room and are a big selling point that homeowners can list if they ever choose to put their homes on the market.

Regardless of whether home has a steep-pitched or flat roof, skylights can still be installed. This is thanks to the tight seal that roofers put around the skylights to prevent leaks. The ability to prevent leaks is important for homeowners because leaks can damage the roofing deck and lead to mold.

The flexibility of a skylight window is freeing. Roofers can easily install them, and in most cities, a planning permit is not required to have a skylight put in. Although skylights don't actually provide homeowners with more roof, the result of letting natural light into the home creates the illusion of a bigger, more open floor plan.

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