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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Why Cedar Roofs Are Great

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Those looking for a wood roof are most often led in the direction of cedar. This is for multiple reasons, including appearance and resistance to weather and termites. Cedar wood shingles are incredibly environmentally friendly and have a beautiful look. In order to keep them looking good and at maximum efficiency, however, they do require maintenance along the way.

A Gaithersburg roofing professional can discuss many details about cedar wood roofing and the options available. Homeowners can choose between red or white cedar shingles. White cedar shingles are less expensive and are cut from younger trees. Red cedar has been widely used in roofing over the years and is still a popular choice.

Cedar roofs are very good for the environment. If installed and maintained properly, a good cedar roof can last for 50 years or longer. It is very easy to replace individual shingles, saving the need to replace an entire roof or section of the roof. Because the roof itself is cedar wood, when it is necessary to replace the roof completely, the old shingles are recyclable.

Cedar roofs are also quite energy efficient. They will insulate naturally, keeping the attic area cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This keeps the heating and air unit from working harder to keep the interiors properly heated and cooled.

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These roofs are also absolutely gorgeous all on their own. It is the appearance of the wood itself that makes them desirable without even the need for painting. The natural look of the wood is slightly different in every shingle, but they blend together beautifully. The cedar roof will look lovely on multiple types of homes in a variety of different locations.

As mentioned, a certain amount of maintenance is necessary to keep the roof not only aesthetically beautiful but highly durable as well. They must be treated properly to make them retardant to fire. This is standard but should be discussed with any roofing contractor to make certain the necessary steps have been taken with this regard.

Drainage is an important consideration for cedar roofs. Keep debris off of the roof a few times a year. Leaves and other debris can keep the roof from draining properly. In addition, every few years, pressure washing the roof is advisable to remove any moss growth that may have occurred. Speak with a roofing contractor about once every ten years or so about necessary patchwork and minor restoration that may be necessary.

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