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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Using Cedar Shingles

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Homeowners who are looking for a roofing material that looks great and is good for the environment may want to consider cedar shingles. As most roofs are made from asphalt or metal, opting for cedar will make a home stand out from the others in the neighborhood. This can make a home more attractive to those living there now while also making the home more attractive if it ever goes on the market.

Even if an entire neighborhood of homes were fitted with cedar shingles, no two homes would look the same. This is because each piece of wood has its own unique shape and pattern. To further customize the look, a homeowner may ask that the wood be treated with stains or oils that can further customize the color and texture of the wood.

Homeowners who are worried about pests getting into their homes or eating away at their roofs should call a Gaithersburg roofing professional regarding cedar shingles. This type of material does an outstanding job naturally repelling fungus and other organisms that may try to grow on a home's roof.

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It can also provide a barrier against termites and other bugs that may try to turn a home into a source of food or shelter for themselves.

Although wood is often thought of as a flammable material, cedar shingles have a flame spread rating that is often better than the minimum building code requirements. This means that if a blaze were to break out just outside of a home, those inside would have extra time to get to safety. It may also provide firefighters with enough time to fight the blaze before the home is completely destroyed.

One of the best reasons to consider using cedar shingles is that it is a renewable resource. When a cedar tree is cut down for use on a roof, another tree can be planted in its place. Therefore, a homeowner can feel good about using a natural material and going green.

If a homeowner is looking for a durable building material that stands out from the crowd, cedar can be a desirable material to work with. It can provide homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the roof will resist water, pests and fire and will last for many years to come. As it is a natural and renewable material, homeowners can also feel good that they are upgrading their home without damaging the environment.

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