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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Symptoms Of Roof Failure

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Gaithersburg roofing professionals know that a lot can be learned about why a roof is failing by looking at the symptoms the failure is producing. For example, roofing material that is splitting may indicate improper design or installation. On the other hand, punctures in roofing material can indicate an accumulation of debris on the roof. Taking the time to learn why a roofing system is failing can help contractors and building owners prevent installation and maintenance mistakes that can shorten the life of a roof.

A common problem that roofs experience is blistering. Blisters are identified as bubble like raised areas of a roofing material. They happen because gas, in most cases water vapor, is trapped between the underlayment and the exterior roofing material. As the sun beats down and heats up the roofing material, this gas expands and causes pressure to build up inside the roofing system, which eventually leads to blisters.

Blistering would not happen if there were not moisture between the underlayment and the exterior layer of roofing material. More times than not, moisture is introduced when roofing materials are improperly stored prior to installation, allowing water to penetrate insulation or other materials. Moisture is also introduced in the roof through heavy rains, snowfall and the collection of dew.

Punctures in a roofing system are the most preventable form of roofing damage. In the vast majority of cases, a roof is punctured when a repairman or an installer carelessly walks across the roof or allows their tools to fall haphazardly on the roof.

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Punctures also happen when storms cause debris to fall on the roof. Small pieces of debris left on a roof after a satellite dish has been installed, a chimney has been repaired or a vent has been installed can wreak havoc on a roof.

With roof maintenance, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Roofing materials and roofing membranes should reflect the characteristics of the roof. For example, on commercial buildings where there is going to be excessive foot traffic, the membrane material that is installed on the roof should be resistant to this damage. Large wide open roofs that will have a lot of thermal movement should be covered with an EPDM membrane because it is flexible and can handle these movements without damage.

Prior to selecting and installing a roofing system, careful thought and planning must be done. During the installation process, installers must make sure that the materials they use are dry, and they must install them based on the manufacturer's requirements. Finally, proper roof maintenance is a must. Only people who need to be on a roof for repairs or installation should be allowed on the roof.

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