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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Steel Entryway Door Features

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Homeowners may have lightweight wood doors connecting individual rooms within a home, but the entryway door is a unique passageway. It is part of the overall exterior curb appeal, inviting visitors to venture inside or even place a bid to purchase the property. Entryway doors also serve security purposes for a safe household using solid components throughout the door's construction. A Gaithersburg Roofing professional can discuss all the benefits of steel doors as wood substitutes for a household's future renovation.

Steel doors aren't just metal casings with a wood core, but actually use hard material slabs to form their main bodies. An inner frame supports the slab, giving the metal a permanently straight construction. Unlike wood, there is no warping possible regardless of outside conditions. Extreme heat and cold do not affect the door's operation, making this material one of the strongest for household uses.

Although steel is associated with cold, such as grabbing onto a metal handrail, it is actually a better insulator than wood. A home could see a slight difference in its heating and cooling costs after the new door is installed. Wood is porous, eventually letting drafts through the material and frame gaps. Steel is a constant barrier to winds, so homeowners have another tool against high HVAC energy costs.

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Although decorative steel doors appear stylish, they have a hidden safety feature called an anti-kick plate. Intruders often use this tactic to access homes with old wood doors. Kicking in the door is nearly impossible with 20-gauge steel protecting the lower door section. Contractors may even have a kick plate sample to show homeowners, verifying the strength embedded in the construction.

With a new entryway door comes hardware consideration. A doorknob and deadbolt are normally added to any installation, giving the steel door a strong partner against intruders. Contractors usually bring several hardware choices to the property to match with the current decor. Hardware must appear seamless in appearance, but with strength for years of locking and unlocking actions. There are even some electronic locks that can be incorporated for a hi-tech look with strength as a core feature.

Take a look at steel doors at a home improvement store for a hands-on experience with steel versus wood. Contractors can even bring sample doors to the home too. Homeowners must get an idea of their weight, style and color before selecting a model. Entry doors last several decades with the right preventive care.

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