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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Solar Panels and Roof Care

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When homeowners invest in solar panels, those panels can take up much of the rooftop's surface area. In some cases, only a few shingles may be visible around the roof's edges. Gaithersburg roofing professionals must be able to service the roof periodically because the covered shingles can still be subjected to wear. Homeowners should understand a few strategies that make solar panel and roof care easier at each appointment.

Homeowners should seek out a contractor who can service the roof and install the solar panels. When one professional is familiar with a property, they take note of more details than random contractors might be able to. Once the panels are installed, they'll know how to access the roof at future appointments without harming the rooftop. Although other contractors can still service the roof and panels, their work may not be as thorough or detailed as a professional with long-term knowledge of the property.

Contractors normally examine all transition points along a rooftop, including flashing around chimneys and other roof penetrations. This same examination process applies to solar panels and their support posts.

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These supports connect directly into the roof, so they must be evaluated at these areas to check for potential leaks into the home. Installers familiar with the property will know exactly which materials were used to seal connection points, making the troubleshooting process more streamlined and accurate.

Solar panels must be removed to inspect the shingles below them. Experienced contractors remove the panels carefully, allowing the posts to remain in place. All shingles are easily examined and repaired as necessary. If contractors do not remove the panels, hidden shingles could wear down and allow leaks into the home over time.

A main benefit to panel removal and reinstallation is precise alignment. Although panels are accurately aligned during the original installation, they can move slightly over time. When contractors place the panels back on the posts, they can adjust and tighten the configuration for strong sunlight absorption. Both the shingles and panels benefit from thorough care that prolongs their lifespan.

Because there are more roof penetrations with a grid-connected solar panel installation compared to traditional shingle-only rooftops, homeowners may want to hire contractors more than once a year to survey the home. Any tiny leaks become big problems if they're allowed to continually damage the roof and immediate attic interior. Frequent contractor visits only boost the home's structural integrity and selling features.

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