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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Signs Of Poor Insulation

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Insulation is important in all states, those where it gets cold and snows heavily or even more temperate climates. Insulation works to keep warm air out of a home as well as in a home. If it is not the correct type, there is not enough, or it is damaged, then power bills are likely to rise, and a building may be difficult to keep at an even temperature.

If someone suspects that they have a problem with their insulation, they should contact a Gaithersburg roofing company to have it inspected. There are two major signs that insulation isn't performing properly: when the cost of cooling or heating a home rises and when certain areas of a home are drafty.

Although it is common for cooling bills to increase in the summer as people run their air conditioner all the time, a significant increase in power bills may be due to poor insulation. If insulation isn't sufficient, heat from outside the home may leak in, which means that the air conditioning unit has to work harder to keep a building cool.

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Another indication that insulation may need to be replaced is when areas of a home are drafty or are not the same temperature as the rest of a house. If insulation is uneven or damaged, it may cause different parts of a home to be warmer or cooler.

When insulation isn't performing properly, it may be because the insulation that was put in when the home was built was not the correct type or R Value. Insulation problems may also occur if the material has been damaged. R Value indicates how much insulation that a material provides; different parts of homes and different climates require different R Values to be effective.

In the Gaithersburg Maryland area, it is recommended that people use insulation with an R Value between R-38 and R-60 for attic spaces and between R-13 and R-21 for walls. It is also generally believed that attic insulation should be blown or sprayed because it can fit into hard to reach areas without leaving gaps. If the wrong type was installed, it may be preventing the home's insulation from being completely effective because it does not provide enough heat resistance or because areas needing insulation are not completely filled in.

It's also important to note that insulation can become damaged and less effective under certain conditions, such as if it gets wet. Additionally, squirrels and other animals may damage it by chewing or burrowing holes through it.

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