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Standard roofing shingles come in 3-tab sections, providing contractors with enough attachment space to securely connect the materials to a roof. Although a Gaithersburg Roofing professional can inspect and care for a roof with frequent visits, shingle damage can occur over time. Homeowners should understand the damage types involved with shingle lifespans so the home can remain leak-free.

The most basic and visible shingle damage is cracks. These cracks aren't just cosmetic; they form a crevice all the way through the material. Older roofs often succumb to cracks because of weathering. Sunlight, rain, hail and snow all contribute to roof aging. If an unauthorized person was on the roof, cracks can emerge from improper steps across the surface. Shingles must be replaced in these instances.

A phenomenon known as blistering also affects shingles. Homeowners will see bubbles appearing across the roof surface. This occurs because of moisture trapped within the shingles themselves or within the attic below. Contractors must determine the blistering cause and resolve it. As long as the blisters don't rupture, the roof still protects the home properly.

Contractors usually add between four to six nails on each shingle section. The nails must be centered on the attachment point for a secure connection. If nails are too close to a shingle edge, the material could tear away from the fastener.

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Some shingles may appear to be lopsided or even hanging from the roof slope. Contractors can try to reattach these rogue sections or replace them entirely. If these shingles aren't fixed into place, they will eventually fall to the ground and leave the roof deck exposed to moisture and other damaging effects.

Shingles are also vulnerable to curling or lifting. Age is usually the major factor causing lifting. The material's structure is slowly wearing away, especially the exterior granules. When any winds strike the roof, the shingles curl in response. As time passes, the shingles simply remain in a curled position. These materials must be replaced. Repairing them is not an option. Some homeowners may suggest nailing the curled edges down, but moisture would still find a way under the damaged shingles.

Even with manufacturers performing accelerated weathering procedures on their products, some shingles can be defective upon installation. When homeowners choose reputable contractors, they'll notice the defective issue almost immediately. If questionable contractors continue an installation without seeing the shingle problem, damage often occurs quickly after the professionals leave the site. Find and fix damaged shingles rapidly for the best roof protection.

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