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Replacing a roof is one of the largest investments a homeowner is likely to make. When paying thousands of dollars, they naturally want to get the best value for their money but also minimize the number of problems. Selecting a contractor for the job is a very important task.

How can a property owner make sure they can trust their Gaithersburg roofing contractor? By far, one of the best ways is to hire a contractor who has been certified by at least one manufacturer of roofing materials. Probably the best-known certification is the GAF Master Elite. GAF is North America's largest manufacturer of shingles, flashing, roof deck protectors and other roofing materials.

In order to qualify for the designation of GAF Master Elite roofing installer, contractors must demonstrate that they are properly insured, have a proven reputation in their field, commit to ongoing professional training, and, if required, possess a license to practice as a roofing contractor. While the state of Maryland does not require a contractor to possess a roofing license, they do need to be registered with the state.

GAF also awards certificates of excellence for training, consumer protection (warranties), and installation.

The roofing experts at Seneca Creek Home Improvement of Gaithersburg MD can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, gutters or doors.

Rarely, a roofing contractor displays such excellence as to qualify for the Triple Excellence Award, demonstrating superiority in all three categories.

CertainTeed is another major North American manufacturer of roofing materials. Like GAF, they certify the roofing contractors who install their products. Property owners who are looking for a contractor may visit the CertainTeed website and use the simple form to locate a suitable contractor in their area.

It makes good business sense for roofing manufacturers to go to the trouble of training and certifying the contractors who install their products. If the materials come with a warranty that they will last for 25 years, then it is in their best interests to make sure that the roof doesn't need to be replaced years before that because of errors in the installation process.

Another way of gathering intelligence on prospective roofing contractors is to consult Angie's List, established in 1995 to assist consumers in finding reliable contractors. Angie's List rates contractors on a scale from A to F, based on characteristics such as reliability, quality, responsiveness, price, punctuality and professionalism. Excellent contractors are rewarded by receiving a Super Service Award.

Using a manufacturer-certified roofing contractor and looking for extra credentials such as a high rating on Angie's List takes the guesswork out of hiring a roofer and gives a homeowner confidence that the roof will last for at least the term of the warranty.

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