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All structures must have strong roofs to combat moisture entering the interior. Water is naturally corrosive and contributes to decay across almost all materials. When a Gaithersburg roofing professional inspects a home, they look for telltale moisture signs that can add up in damage costs. It's crucial to have a professional survey the roof at least once a year.

Contractors understand the attic is part of the roofing system. Being able to survey the roof from below is a clever way to determine structural integrity. If contractors find condensation on the attic's ceiling, this moisture is actually eating away at the roof from the bottom up. The attic simply needs better ventilation to move moisture out of the space. Condensation occurs when trapped air becomes heated. Soffit and ridge vents are usually added or adjusted to reduce any condensation from damaging the roof.

Shingles appearing to turn black or green aren't just aging. They have an algae or moss film across their features, respectively. Contractors either treat the shingles or remove them completely. They must inspect all affected shingles to make an educated decision about the materials' viability.

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A mild film is easily treated, but thick moss and algae is often removed by replacing the shingles outright. Too much moisture on the roof is to blame for the growth.

Even small cracks or breaks in shingles are enough damage to allow moisture into the structure below. Allow contractors to carefully inspect the entire rooftop. They'll note any damages and inspect the attic as well. Although individual shingle replacement is relatively simple, any moisture leaks around the damaged area must be treated appropriately to complete the job correctly.

When there's water backup in the roof gutter system, moisture easily seeps under shingles to the sheathing. Contractors must inspect downspout elbow components to verify if clogs exist. Because of their bent shape, clogs can become trapped very easily. Professionals often add gutter covers or mesh to the system to reduce clogs. The cover is a small price to pay to combat expensive moisture staining within the home. These wet areas provide a perfect habitat for mold and other microorganisms.

Homeowners don't have to be on the roof to pinpoint certain issues. If shingle parts or sections are obviously missing with an inspection from the ground, don't wait to contact a contractor. That damage must be repaired as quickly as possible to reduce any further costs in the future.

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