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Gaithersburg roofing professionals understand that severe weather is a given in their business region, making customer communication and response critical to keep properties safe from extensive damage. Because most storms are known a few days or weeks ahead of their arrival, homeowners can be proactive about their roofing care and leak prevention by scheduling an inspection appointment.

Contractors venture to the rooftop at the beginning of a preventive maintenance appointment to check for any loose shingles. Although they're nailed down with about six fasteners, shingles can loosen over time from high winds and other weathering. Contractors adjust shingles, add nails and verify all sections are firmly connected to the deck below. If any shingles are cracked or missing pieces, roofers simply add new materials to reduce deck exposure to the oncoming storm.

The shingles take up much of the roof's surface area, but the flashing is also a critical checkpoint. Flashing is the metal pieces found around roof penetrations and edges. Although they're usually stainless or galvanized metal, flashing can bend away from the roof over time. Roofers will hammer the flashing back into place and attach fasteners as needed. Flashing is just as critical to the roof as the shingles are during severe storms.

If a roof is consistently maintained, a property could be considered ready for a storm at this point.

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However, neglected roofs could display major repair needs. An entire quarter section of the shingles could be damaged or curled, for instance. Because roofers cannot fix major problems on a basic appointment, they'll cover the area with a tarp. Repairs will have to be made after the storm when a more advanced inspection can be performed.

As roofers leave the shingled area, they'll also examine the gutters. Rain gutters move water away from the structure, so they must be attached properly. Contractors verify their connection to the fascia board and alignment with elbow and downspout connections. They'll even look for blockages that can create major water backups during a storm. With a clean gutter system, rain can travel to local sewers with no damage to the roof.

Homeowners can take extra steps to keep their property safe during a storm by adding splash blocks and downspout extensions. These items keep water away from the foundation, especially when torrential rains are present. Residents can even choose new seamless gutters to enhance water control. Protecting the building envelope is crucial to a long lasting structure with frequent severe weather passing through the area.

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