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Gaithersburg Roofing contractors see many benefits in using plastic polymer roofing material. This material can be formed to look like slate or clay. However, it is a lot lighter than these other materials. They are virtually maintenance free and have a lifespan that is twice as long as that of clay or cedar shakes. Since plastic polymers are smooth, they have no granules that will fall off them and eventually clog gutters.

The majority of plastic polymer roofing products have received an A in fire ratings. They are usually offered with a 50 year or more warranty. They are available in multiple colors as well as many different sizes and combinations.

There are a few reasons why plastic roofing materials do not dominate the market currently. The primary reason is cost. They are about three times as expensive as asphalt shingles, making them too expensive for most customers. Many people appreciate the eco friendliness of this roofing material. Unfortunately, many people who can afford to purchase plastic polymer roofing shingles are more interested in aesthetics as opposed to saving the environment.

Plastic polymer shingles can be manufactured to simulate the appearance of natural materials, but they still have a shine to them that makes it apparent that they are not the material that they are designed to simulate.

Something that has turned many homeowners away from plastics is that it requires a lot of work to install them in a way that makes them look natural.

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Contractors will get multiple pallets of this roofing material, and they usually find that each pallet is a little bit different in color from the other ones. This is done intentionally by the manufacturer. The idea is that the contractor will mix and match the shingles on the roof in a way that will give it a natural appearance. However, many contractors in the past have not taken the time to install the shingles according to specifications. The result is that the finished product looks blotchy. There are huge patches of shingles of a single color next to another block of shingles of a slightly different color.

Little by little, plastic roofing material is increasing in popularity. Contractors are learning how to install them properly, and they have also seen the benefit of using high quality fasteners, underlayments and venting systems, as well as ice and water shields when installing plastic roofing material. The reason why this is so important is because the roofing material will last for at least half a century, and so the fasteners the flashings and the underlayment will need to last just as long.

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