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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Lesser-known Roof Renovation Preparation Tips

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A big part of a major roof renovation is preparing for it. Roofers may be ready to start the project, but homeowners must do their part to make the process as streamlined as possible. A Gaithersburg roofing professional will go over all the basics of a roofing project, but there are a few essential tips that might be overlooked. It's the homeowner's responsibility to ensure the entire property is clean and accessible for a safe installation or repair project.

It may seem like a basic request, but many homeowners forget to close windows. Roofing is a messy business, especially when entire roofs are being stripped of old materials. Open windows allow dust to settle indoors, creating problems for residents and possible issues with the workers themselves. Close all windows and use the air conditioning if necessary. Allow all the roofing residues to settle outside where they can be quickly cleaned up.

Homeowners may have lounge chairs and other patio furniture sitting on porches or in backyards. Although they may be technically sheltered from the roofing work, dust can settle on them too. Remove the furniture and store it away in a garage or shed. Open porches and backyards make it easier for contractors to move around as well. There are no tripping hazards or lack of space for materials when furniture is removed.

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Walk around the exterior to find these elements and remove them completely for a smooth roof project.

If a home is outfitted with a satellite dish on the roof, it's a good idea to remove it. The dish is an obstacle for roofers, making their job more difficult because they have to move around it frequently. Consider moving the dish permanently to an area off the roof. Better reception might be found when the dish is attached to an exterior wall facing south.

Take the week before the roof project to clean out the attic. Roofers usually need to access the attic to verify decking quality and nail accuracy into surrounding trusses. Homeowners should remove any wires or hoses near the attic's ceiling to avoid damage from nails piercing through the rooftop from above.

Even if professionals are only working on the roof's ventilation system, such as the intake vent, they must still have clear access to most of the property. When homeowners think from the perspective of a contractor, they'll notice items that must be removed or covered to create a safe working area. Workers appreciate thoughtful homeowners, creating a strong business relationship for future work.

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