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Copper has been used as a roofing material for centuries. Builders and architects have used copper because it is easy to shape, resists nature's elements and lasts longer than nearly any other roofing material. Local Gaithersburg roofing companies are able to show homeowners how to use this outstanding material to their advantage.

Nearly any desired architectural style and color can be accommodated using copper. Because copper is malleable, it can be used over irregular roof structures. It can also be used easily in domes or other curved shapes. Copper can not only be used for roofing itself but also many other architectural elements such as gutters and downspouts.

Copper requires no painting or finishing as it weathers to a beautiful natural patina. The patina is a vital part of the protection of the metal. The bronze tones of the copper become a lovely green verdigris with time. There are now special coatings and chemical weathering processes that can either retard the natural patina process or speed it up or cause other coloring to occur.

Copper resists nature's elements so well that some copper roofs have been in place for centuries. It ranks as one of the highest of all modern roofing materials for resistance to the elements.

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Corrosion resistance is exceptional. In a rural setting, copper corrodes at a rate of less than 0.4 mm within a span of 200 years. The structures below the roof usually fail long before the roof itself. It is no wonder that owners and architects are drawn to this material.

The weight of copper is exceptionally light and weighs only one quarter that of tiled roofs. Copper is also an excellent material to use for Radio Frequency shielding. Copper is used in 16 oz. or 20 oz. cold rolled sheets. They come in 2 to 3 foot widths. The sheets can be preformed or formed right on the roof into pans. These pans rest on specially formed building paper.

The underlayment of copper roofs is usually 30 lb. saturated roofing felts. Because copper conducts heat well, the asphalt in the underlayment might bond with the roof deck, causing earlier fatigue in the structure. To prevent this, building paper must be applied over the roofing felt to act as a slip sheet.

While the initial cost of copper roofing may be higher than other materials, the roof will, under nearly any possible circumstance, never need to be replaced. If, for some reason, the roof needs to be replaced or taken down, its material is easily recycled to recoup part of the cost.

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