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It's important to hire a reputable, bonded and insured contractor with years of experience in the community because these details mean the difference between a project being completed on time with no incidents and a potential nightmare. If a contractor isn't bonded or insured, the homeowner is liable for any injuries that may happen while the workers are on the property, and an accident could mean increased homeowners insurance premiums or even a lawsuit. If the contractors are not bonded, there is no certainty that the work will be finished, and there is no recourse that the homeowners can take to be compensated for the unfinished work.

The Better Business Bureau recommends asking a few direct questions of a Gaithersburg roofing contractor when calling around for quotes. There are many opportunistic, itinerant laborers offering home repairs, and it's possible that many of them do a good job. However, the BBB has dealt with many cases of these workers leaving projects unfinished or doing work that can't be entrusted because it doesn't meet minimum quality standards.

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After a hail storm, many roofs are left with damage and in need of repairs, and these itinerant workers swoop in to take on as many projects as they can. If they're not bonded and insured, they put the homeowner at a major risk of financial loss, and if they don't have a history of happy customers in the area, there is no way to know that they are trustworthy.

Reputable contractors hire trained and certified employees, and they do background checks before spending the money to bond their workers. There is no way to prevent 100 percent of accidents in a business like home repairs, but an insurer will cover any injuries caused by the contractor while on the property. Another important question to ask a contractor is how much the weight per square foot of shingles is because heavier shingles indicate a higher quality of materials. This question gives the homeowner a yardstick by which to measure the various quotes received from contractors. The BBB also recommends specifically asking each contractor whether any disputes can be handled by a third-party arbitration company, and if the answer is no or the contractor won't put the answer in writing, it's best to keep searching. It may be tempting to save money on repairs by hiring a contractor in an unmarked truck, but the savings come with an increased risk of lawsuits, injuries and poor workmanship.

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