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No matter what type of roofing material a home has, a hailstorm may create significant damage that undermines its structural integrity. The damages caused by hail depend on the size of the hailstones, the age and condition of the roof before the storm and the type of roofing material, such as wood shakes, clay tiles or asphalt shingles. Homeowners should become familiar with the signs of hail damage and contact a Gaithersburg roofing company for a prompt expert inspection and assessment of any visible problems.

On a roof made from asphalt shingles, the property owner should look for indicators such as loss of the asphalt granules. When these granules fall off the shingles, the underlying bitumen layer is exposed. Loss of the granules leads to a reduction in the life expectancy of the roof and increases the likelihood of worse damage during the next severe weather event. Another type of damage incurred on asphalt shingles after a hailstorm is rupturing of the reinforcing mat, which is the base layer of the shingle. This typically happens after a prolonged storm or when the hailstones are larger than the size of a golf ball.

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On wooden shake or wood shingle roofs, hail damage is clear even without any roofing experience. The impact of a hailstone on the wood creates new features on the shingles. As each hailstone hits, it leaves a sort of crater where the oxidized gray area that was previously on the outer surface of the shingle is pushed off and new, fresh wood is exposed. Deep indentations or pockmarks will be left in the wood where each stone hit it. If the hailstones were especially large, the size of baseballs or larger, the wood may split and portions of the shingles may fall off the roof.

When hailstones strike a slate roof, the signs of hail damage are often more subtle. The impact of the stones hitting the tiles may cause loosening of the shingles from the battens underneath. Hairline cracks may also develop along the naturally occurring veins in the pieces of slate rock. Because of the difficulty in distinguishing hail damage to a roof made of slate, a professional inspection is needed.

Another area of the roof to consider for hail damage is the exterior attic vents. The metal vent covers may be dented from hailstone impacts. Homeowners should also look for hail damage signs including dented flashing, indentations in the chimney flue, dented window screens and damaged rain gutters.

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