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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Fascia Board and Soffit Care

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Shingles, flashing and underlayment are automatic materials that come to mind when roofing projects are discussed. There are other critical components of the roof, however, including structural elements. The soffit is the underside of the roof's eaves while fascia board attaches to this drip edge as an aesthetic and functional addition. Both of these structural parts must be inspected and serviced along with the rest of the roof by a qualified Gaithersburg roofing professional. Homeowners should be aware of certain issues that plague these areas over time.

Contractors usually observe the fascia and soffit areas as they relate to water flow. The home's gutter system is attached to the fascia, for instance. If any water isn't flowing correctly, it could spill out against the fascia or back up onto the roof. Any backups could drip down through the roof eave and into the soffit area. Because the roof is an intricately connected system, roofers must take all these issues into consideration and devise a solid repair plan. Both the soffit and fascia should be free from excessive moisture to remain strong.

Most homes have wood soffits and fascia, making their decay a concern if paint is peeling away.

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Paint becomes a barrier to weathering and organism infiltration. If bare wood is exposed, termites and birds may make their homes within these protected areas. As these organisms spread out, they adversely affect the entire roof system. Contractors will carefully inspect the wood and quote replacement costs or even a new paint job. This wood cannot be compromised by weathering for too long because it directly affects the roof's entire operation.

Rain gutters attached to the fascia must be properly installed. When contractors notice gutters detaching from the wood, there could be multiple problems. The fascia board itself could be damaged or just the gutter fasteners. Roofers must venture to the rooftop to verify gutter failure. Some fascia wood sections may be replaced in some cases to provide a strong attachment point for gutters. These parts do add significant weight to the fascia lumber because of their length but also from the flowing water itself.

It may be necessary to replace wood within the soffit and fascia areas as weathering sets in. Some roofers actually perform these structural repairs while others hire out a general contractor. Discuss these repair options with professionals to understand the entire roofing process. In general, hiring one contractor for all the work is much easier than using multiple professionals.

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