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There are many types of roofing materials that claim to be energy efficient. However, roofing tiles are one of the only types that have two natural qualities that can reduce the energy usage of homes. By having Gaithersburg roofing experts install roofing tiles, homeowners can reduce heat transfer from their roofs to the rest of their houses by nearly 50 percent.

The first natural property of tiles that makes them energy efficient is thermal resistance. This natural resistance makes tiles the perfect roofing material in both warm and cold climates because of their ability to stand up to nearly any temperature range.

The second reason why tiles are energy efficient is above sheathing ventilation. Unlike some roofing materials that are installed in an overlapping or sheet style, tiles are installed individually, which creates natural ventilation. Between each tile is a pocket of air, or a thermal barrier, that prevents the transfer of heat from the roofing material to the roofing deck. This reduces influxes of heat transfer during hours of the day when the sun's solar rays are at their peak. However, ASV does not just benefit people living in warm climates. In the same way that this thermal barrier prevents surface transfer of heat, it also prevents the transfer of cold air.

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Installing a tile roof can help homeowners cut down on their monthly energy usage. Because they help the owners save on their energy bills, tile roofs can pay for themselves over time. Sometimes local utility companies even provide homeowners with credit when they install power-saving materials such as tile roofs. Current residents can even take advantage of state or federal rebates for installing more energy-efficient roofs.

The energy efficiency of tile has been something that scientists have been looking into since the early 1970s. The Florida Power and Light Company ran a number of tests on tile roofs to see how well they reduced heat transfer from the roofing deck to the attic. These studies were followed up by the Florida Solar Energy Center in the mid-90s.The tests showed that ceiling heat flux could be reduced by nearly 40 percent after installing a tile roofing system. If the home had vented tiles installed, ceiling heat flux could be reduced by as much as 50 percent compared to homes with traditional, black-asphalt roofs.

This kind of research has firmly placed tile roofs at the forefront of the race to be energy efficient. It's important to remember, however, that the color of the tile can play a big role in how energy efficient the roof is. For example, light-colored tiles tend to reflect more heat away from the house than darker tiles, which tend to absorb heat.

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