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When homeowners want to invest in brand new windows, they want the highest quality products possible in their budget. As Gaithersburg Roofing professionals look over the home, they start a list of different window options for a thorough quote. From frame styling to air leak prevention, several windows work for each property. Energy Star products, in particular, give homeowners an energy-conserving option for a greener household.

All Energy Star rated windows go through a rigorous manufacturing process. They are constantly tested and checked throughout the assembly line process. Even government officials appear unannounced to check on production, giving the products a quick test to ensure the manufacturer is adhering to all quality control parameters. Homeowners will know they have an Energy Star product because of its rating. It's clearly marked on each window as it's installed. A gold label is crucial to offer both water and air resistance, along with structural strength across all window frames and panes.

Contractors must match these rated windows with particular locations in the home. A north-facing window may need a thicker glass pane compared to a south-facing area to prevent those winter winds from leaking into the home, for example.

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All windows could be the same rating, however, in more temperate climates. Areas with no snow tendencies could use a basic Energy Star window system to keep indoor temperatures steady year-round.

The federal government runs the Energy Star program, so they can work with the public to increase product sales through incentives. Tax breaks are often included with an Energy Star purchase when income tax season arrives. Although these high-end windows are more expensive, they do pay for themselves through tax breaks and reduced HVAC use over the years.

Along with energy savings for indoor comfort, Energy Star customers also benefit from standard manufacturer's and contractor's warranties. If any window seems to have a draft, contact professionals for an evaluation. Small defects or installation issues are quickly fixed at no charge to the customer within the warranty period. Keep up with preventive maintenance through the years to maintain the warranties for as long as possible. Contractors are happy to create a service contract for frequent window inspections.

If homeowners are confused about Energy Star incentives, contractors should be able to answer most questions. This conservation program also has an extensive website, so visit it to get a clearer idea of window investment. These quality windows may be the only ones purchased in a homeowner's lifetime.

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