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Wood roofs give a home a classic look. Wood roofing is most often made from ether red or white cedar. Red cedar is the more traditional but white is less expensive and can be cut from younger trees. Wood for Gaithersburg roofing projects comes in two varieties. Shingles are cut on both sides with a saw and provide a more even look. Shakes are split by hand and then smoothed on the downward facing side only. The look is more rustic, but functionally, there is little difference.

Cedar roofs produced in a sustainable manner are an ecologically friendly alternative to synthetic materials. The natural weather resistance of cedar roofs allows them to handle freeze and thaw cycles as well as torrential rainfall with ease. Cedar roofing is durable. Most manufacturer's warranty them for up to 25 years. If properly cared for, these roofs can pass the half century mark with ease.

Regular inspection and cleaning will help to extend the useful life of the roof and preserve its look. Loose or split shingles can be easily replaced by a certified contractor and further lengthen the lifespan. Cleaning is essential since wood shingles tend to hold on to leaves.

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Wet leaves stuck to the roof encourage algae and mold to grow on the natural surface.

Cedar is one of the most sustainable roofing materials available. Used shingles can easily be recycled and converted into a number of pulp products. The Forest Stewardship Council puts their stamp of approval on products manufactured using the most sustainable methods. Homeowners should always look for this indication. The natural oils even work as effective insect repellent and keep more than water out of the attic.

Cedar is a great choice for the eco conscious homeowner. There are, however, a few downsides to this material. First, it is more expensive than many synthetic options. Second, cedar shingles must be treated to increase their fire resistance. Thankfully, there are some naturally produced green options for this treatment. Finally, natural wood cedar shingles need to be able to breathe. This means the insulation and underlayment must allow the passage of air.

For the best results and longest lasting wood shingle roof, contact a few qualified local contractors and have them display some examples to go along with their bid. Selecting a contractor experienced at working with wood shakes and shingles will be worth the little bit of extra cash. This expert will be the person to call for inspections and maintenance in the future.

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