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Gaithersburg Roofing: Article About Can Solar Panels Cause Roof Damage

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Alternative forms of energy are becoming increasingly popular with solar power being among the most commonly used alternative energy sources. Solar panels are often installed onto the roof of the home in order to generate the most energy, but some homeowners wonder whether it is safe to install these panels to the roof or if the panels could cause damage. Homeowners also commonly wonder whether these panels should be installed by a Gaithersburg roofing professional or if it is possible to install a solar power system without assistance.

The simple answer is that solar panels are perfectly harmless to a roof as long as they are installed properly. In fact, solar panels can actually protect a roof and extend its lifespan by blocking the harmful rays of the sun. Considering the impact of sunshine roofs, the fact that these solar panels keep the ultraviolet light off the actual surface of the roof makes the installation of solar panels valuable beyond just the energy they harness for use throughout the home. The presence of the panels will also help keep the roof and the attic cooler just by blocking the sunlight from reaching the roof's surface.

The obvious caveat here is that solar panels are only able to prevent damage if they are installed properly.

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Most panels are attached to wooden rafters and must be flashed and sealed properly to prevent leaks that could potentially cause water damage. If the panels are not properly flashed and sealed, then it is possible that the roof system will suffer from the effects of water damage. In this case, it is not the solar panel itself that causes the damage; it is the result of improper installation. Whether a homeowner chooses to install the panel without assistance or enlists the help of a professional, proper installation helps ensure that there are no leaks or any other damage inflicted on the roof.

Homeowners who are considering installing solar panels on their roof should also consider the cost of installation and the potential savings they will generate by adding a solar system. Whether or not the installation of such a system is a wise investment will depend on a variety of factors, but homeowners should understand that properly installed solar panels do not cause any damage to the roof itself. There may be a need for some additional maintenance following installation, but the panels are generally regarded as safe to install on a roof.

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