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One of the fastest growing trends in the world of home design is the use of mansard roofs on modern properties. These roofs were a very popular construction during the 1800s, in a time when the Victorian style was one of the most renowned trends in architectural expression. Even before that time, these roofs were favored by contractors all over Europe, with many surviving buildings from the 1600s still featuring this attractive and distinct design. What makes the mansard roof such a favored piece is the two different slopes it features on all sides. Gaithersburg roofing contractors may recommend this piece of architecture for any style of home though homeowners should determine whether it will suit their needs by keeping its advantages in mind.

The mansard roof is defined by the steep pitch in the lower sections. Because of this angle, many roofs feature attached dormers, with windows that are built at right angles from the roof's sides. The upper sections are slightly sloped at a larger angle, steep enough to provide the rooftops with the desirable degree of water runoff. This prevents water damage during the warmer weather and ice damming in the winter. The lower sloping portion of the upper section is usually not visible when the viewer is close to the structure, which can create an almost regal appearance in the overall design.

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The use of several dormers is what sets this style of roofing apart from the gambrel, but both are designed with many of the same features.

One of the first advantages that homeowners will notice with a mansard roof is that it can offer a tremendous amount of attic space. By using a dormer, these roofs are frequently converted into bedrooms or apartments in larger buildings. The flat top can also make it easier for the building to be reinforced with additional stories if that is what the homeowner would like.

All mansard designs have very simple frames and are built with straightforward lines that can give the overall building a more ornate and traditionally inspired appearance. Despite this, they are a common decorative option for modern homes as well, particularly when they are set with relevant shingles for a more minimalist environment. They are also advantageous in that they are a relatively simple style to build. Contractors who are familiar with this roofing option will be able to provide homeowners with the insight they are looking for on a good installation.

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